The wolves are better than ever, but there's trouble brewing. Will you fight to your death, or will you conquer?
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Delsanti Reborn Delsanti Reborn

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 Hungry Safa

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PostSubject: Hungry Safa   Sun Oct 04, 2009 8:36 am

I Walk into the new territory My Sprits lifting at the sight Of Birds. A Lite Meal For Me I Hope, I Sit And Watch Longingly at them my Jaws building with slobber I Lick at them, and begin to stalk them not knowing they were crows I Bolt for an old looking one hoping to startle it and grab a wing , I yelp in surprise as it turns and Grabs My ears and eye's s scratching to get away pecking at my eye's after a minute of my surprise i yelp louder and let go it not stoping as it mocks me with caws finally flying away leaving me in a bloody little hep i curl into a ball wimpering.

After a Few Hours the bleeding finally stops i open my eye's the blood making them stick together I Yelp In Surprise when i open my eye's and Notice i Cannot See Anything I Back Up and Shake My Head Blionking nothing changing the darkness not changing I Lift my head a howl mournfully Not At Just my Sight but for everything
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Hungry Safa
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