The wolves are better than ever, but there's trouble brewing. Will you fight to your death, or will you conquer?
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 Love is just a game.

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Love is just a game. Empty
PostSubject: Love is just a game.   Love is just a game. EmptyThu Aug 20, 2009 6:07 pm

Love is just a game
©️ John
*Guitar Solo*
Love is just a game (slow and held out)
You play with my heart (hold out, slowly)
It’s just like a Toy. (kind of high, and fast. Hold Toy out)
You Tend to my wounds
I thought I could trust you!
I was wrong You played with my heart,
You made me bleed! I watched you walk away
Not even a wince! You walked away Like it was just another date… I was wrong trusting you with my heart! I tremble when I see you walk away, It was just another Lie (hold lie out) You Broke my heart!
You played with my heart! You threw it around! You stomped my feelings till they where gone! My heart hurts and it’ll be wounded for ever… I hope.. .your happy.. with your WHORE!
*bout.. 2 min guitar solo x.x*

You played with my heart.. you threw it around..
You watched it bleed.. nothing matters now..
You played with my heart! You made it! You played it! You made me bleed!! I hope you Happy!
I am tired of your Fake Love! (hold long and steady.)
Get out of my life! (Get out. Of my. Life (hold life))
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Love is just a game.
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