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 "love slips"

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PostSubject: "love slips"   Mon Jun 29, 2009 9:12 pm

some times love walks away
you didnt ever see it..
I saw the day i said good bye...
that u never had your heart broken like this..
for a second i wanted to turn 'round and cry...
i knew i had to be tough and walk away........

I had a hard time sleeping every night...
I though about u in all my dreams...
i'd cry every morein'
please baby..
me.... (dont do that to me.. (it goes a lil higer every sec u hold it = 7)

I know its hard...
i throw the bottle down and cry..
its time to stop.. thinking about yester daayy...
you lay your can down...
u say to your self...
i let it slip...
why does this happen to me?..
why why why...
baby i though i could trust you..
apparently i couldn't baby
now im a big shot in L.A,
you watch on the news
Im on at eight o clock,
Baby some'n was right,
I finaly stoped live'n for what u did!
tho it hurts i never look back
Baby one more thing..
no matter what we had gone though
i still love you...

I ..

~* Epic fail~*
lol random song I did it when i was sad lol so like Oo
no i didnt do it now X)
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"love slips"
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